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The Religion Case Reporter reports and indexes U.S. federal and state judicial opinions addressing the free exercise of religion, state establishment of religion, the clergy and religious institutions. It provides complete coverage of religion as it impacts on:

Religious Minorities
Real Property Law
Family Law Libel and Defamation
Medical Care Church Membership
Clergy Sports
Bankruptcy Statutes of Limitation
Housing Insurance
Fora Analysis Negligent Counseling, Hiring, Training, Retention and Supervision
Jurisdiction Display of Religious Symbols
Education and Schools Prayer
Evidence and Privileges
Sexual Abuse
Native Americans Standing
Immigration State Financial Aid
Religious Institutions Unions
Immunity from Suit
Zoning and Land Control
Over 2000 Indexed Topics

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The Cumulative Index and Table of Statutes, containing over 2000 indexed topics and subtopics and referencing over 1500 statutes, allows subscribers to conduct their research using a single, fully integrated resource. To examine the Cumulative Index Click here

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