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Cumulative Index
  Subscribers to the database have access to all the reported cases (Jan. 1998 - Present).  Research over 2000 indexed topics and subtopics using a Cumulative Index that is continuously being updated. Hyperlink directly from the Index to the case digests. Examine the Cumulative Index by clicking on the appropriate navigational link in the left-hand panel.
Table of Statutes
  Research over 1,500 federal and state statutes using a Cumulative Table of Statutes that is continuously being updated. Hyperlink directly from the Table to the case digests.
Find Case #
  You may hyperlink directly from the Cumulative Index and Table of Statutes to the case digests. Alternatively, using the Index and Table of Statutes, you may compile a complete list of all the cases you are interested in by noting the unique Case # assigned to each case digest. When you are ready to read the case digests, use the Find Case # function to access the case digests on your list.
Search the Database
  Search for any word or phrase appearing in any of the case digests.
Search Case Name
  Interested in learning about a specific case digested by the Reporter? Just enter its name or a key word and hyperlink directly to the case digest.
Recent Updates
  Want to keep abreast of the most recent developments? Simply click on Recent Updates and learn what cases have been added to the system within the last 6-7 months. Examine the most Recent Updates once a month, once a week, or every day, at your convenience. In addition, once a month, you will receive an email alert of recently decided cases.
Constitutional and Statutory Provisions
  Access the full text of constitutional and statutory provisions frequently cited by the courts. As you study the court's analysis, refer to the complete text of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, the Religious Liberty and Charitable Protection Donation Act of 1998, Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and numerous other statutes.
How to Use
  A manual on how to most effectively use the online edition of the Reporter.
  If you need assistance in conducting further research or have questions about using the online edition you will be able to contact us by telephone or email.

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