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The Religion Case Reporter, reporting and indexing judicial opinions addressing the free exercise of religion, state establishment of religion, the clergy and religious institutions, provides comprehensive and easily accessed information concerning any topic affected by religious practice or status.

Not just for lawyers, but an indispensable research tool for students and academics conducting research in the fields of religion, contemporary American civilization, political science, sociology, history, current events, education, and the family. Conduct research on:

Religious Minorities
Education; School Curricula; Student and Faculty Rights
State Aid to Religious Education
Prayer and Moments of Silence
Discrimination in Employment
Medical Care and Procedures
Distribution of Religious Material
Use of Public and Government Property for Religious Displays
Zoning and Land Control

The Cumulative Index , containing over 2000 indexed topics and subtopics, allows subscribers to conduct their research using a single, fully integrated resource. To examine the Cumulative Index Click here

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